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Tools and Services To Help Entrepreneurs Seek Funding

Post Your Business Plan/Executive Summary

  • List your business for just $29.95 to showcase your business plan or executive summary to every accredited investor of our network.
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VC Database

  • VCPro Database, the most up-to-date and affordable venture capital directory, contains over 5,600 venture financing sources worldwide, to help you seek investors for your business. Both Windows and Macintosh versions are available.
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VC StarterPak

  • This is a bundled package for entrepreneurs who are serious about raising venture capital.
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VC Pitch

  • Venture Capital Pitch is a downloadable sample investment pitch in Microsoft PowerPoint format to pitch venture capitalists and angel investors.
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Business Plan Tools

  • Different types of business plan tools are available help you prepare your own business plan.
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Private Placement Memorandum

  • A private placement memorandum is used to raise growth and expansion capital for all sorts of entrepreneurial endeavors.
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Ultimate Funding and Operations Package

  • This is a bundled package for entrepreneurs who are interested in having a tool belt of resources at their disposal.
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Confidentiality Agreement Package

  • For only $29.99 you can download a full set of Confidentiality Agreement Templates as a Microsoft Word file.
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Series A Preferred Term Sheet

  • The Series A Term Sheet Investment Package is comprised of the actual documents that were used to close on a $1 million Series A Preferred round of funding.
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Bridge Financing Contract

  • This Bridge Financing Contract is designed for business owners who have a basic understanding of bridge financing and / or bridge loan terms and/or who are currently searching for bridge financing.
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Employment Agreements

  • Entrepreneurs / employees / employers will generally find employment agreements to be somewhat cumbersome, contentious documents.
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Understanding Employee Stock Options

  • When accepting stock options as a part of an overall compensation package, the employee needs to carefully review two documents.
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Incorporate Your Business

  • Incorporate your business online with ease and confidence.
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  • Review our selected venture capital-related titles.
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Upcoming VC Events

  • See the calendar of upcoming conferences and events.
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Online Investor Directory

  • Find an investor from our Investor Directory.
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Advisory Services Directory

  • Find an advisor from our Advisor Directory to help you seek capital financing.
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VC News

  • Read the current venture capital news online.
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  • Subscribe to our RSS feeds to keep you posted on the latest venture capital and private equity news and our progress.
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